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Sebastian Greene's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Sebastian Greene

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[28 Oct 2004|07:18am]
I have discovered one good thing about colds. When you are stomping about the bedroom at six thirty in the morning trying to find your boots and your physics textbook and spilling coffee all over, you don't wake anyone up. When they are well, however, they are liable to prove to be light sleepers, and they wake up when you knock over a lamp trying to find your glasses, which were in the living room anyway. (It doesn't make sense. How did I see to get up the stairs without them?) So since we are up, Cam and I are going on - Am I allowed to call it an adventure? I will ask Cam. He says I may call it whatever I like so long as coffee is involved. - an adventure. Only, minus the gold and temples and crocodiles and things, and maybe plus lunch somewhere. If we're not back by lunch, no one worry, and if we're not back by dinner... I've probably found a bookstore.

[25 Oct 2004|11:08am]
Birthday, Jake?

I completely forgot. Or, well, maybe I didn't actually know. In any case, what do you want? (And don't even bother trying to pull the, "Oh, you don't have to get me anything!" line. I'm wise to your gift-avoidance ways.) Either come up with something or I'm falling back to the default gift of a toaster, and I guarantee you, you don't want a toaster. Or a blender. Or a cuisinart. Or a jumper. And I can't get you anything indecent. So, essentially, all the usual gift-giving options are completely destroyed. And you probably don't need CDs and anyway, CDs are for people you don't actually care for and can't think of anything better to give them. So, really, something you want from me and something you want from Cam, as I think he's too out of it to do any shopping.

Also, what sort of cake do you want? Don't try to beg out of that one, either, it's tradition. Well. Tradition with Avery, anyway, and might as well be tradition with you, too, since we've got to start somewhere. You are not allowed, however, to want chocolate cake four years in a row and then tell me half-way through making the chocolate cake that you want vanilla, while you were with me when I bought the cake mix. If you do, you will end up just like Avery did: with a bowl of chocolate cake batter on your head.
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Cam! [24 Oct 2004|01:33am]
I think I gave you my cold, as you've now slept for almost three days straight. (I feel guilty.) Either that or you've only now stopped being a complete insomniac and you're making up for lost time. Anyway, if you wake up, I'm downstairs watching a special on siamese crocodiles and doing, well, nothing. (But it's such a comfortable couch. So doing nothing is actually kind of appealing, as opposed to the fact that it usually makes me nervous.) Come down or if you have noticed the open laptop on the nightstand (engineered for this very purpose), say hi and I'll abandon the crocodiles and come up. And then you don't have to wake everyone with the intercom! (Technology is really a wonderful thing.)
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[21 Oct 2004|07:39am]
I AM CURED! Bravo, thank the academy and approximately six gallons of orange juice. I can focus to do work again! I can watch Cam sleep and not wake him up by sneezing! I can drink COFFEE! I could do other things, too! Like shower! And get out of bed! And eat a normal breakfast instead of soup! Okay, enough exclaimation points. (But I had EGGS! EGGS! And TOAST!) Now I just need something to actually do. Suggestions?

ETA: You lot are the most boring group of people ever. Wasn't one of you even remotely tempted to reply "Cam?" Or to tell me to jump off a cliff? Or to mock me in some way? I despair of you all.

[18 Oct 2004|07:58pm]
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[18 Oct 2004|01:22pm]
I am cold and alone. Woe, woe, woe. Everyone has gone on walks (Jake + Avery), is discovering how loudly the speakers of the giant stereo can go (Jack), or has TRAGICALLY ABANDONED ME while I was napping (Cam). I am feeble and clearly never going to be able to breathe again. I cannot get up. Okay, actually, I could probably get up. But that is besides the point. I do not want to get up. But my only company is the tadpoles living in a pickle jar someone has left in here. Clearly, someone should tell James that his mess should overflow into his sister's room, and not mine. I expect she doesn't like tadpoles, perhaps they would frighten her. Back to thesis statement. I AM ALL ALONE AND NO ONE LOVES - Ooh, someone has brought me cocoa. I lied. Lovely staff members. No, wait, don't go, oh moon of cocoa bringing beauty - Nope. Alone. Again. But alone with cocoa! This is a distinct improvement.
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[16 Oct 2004|10:25pm]
So I'm sitting on this plane, right, next to you, and unlike everyone else, I can't sleep, as I took a whole lot of cold medication this morning. I thoroughly blame you for that cold, by the way, and if it gets worse I will be distinctly unhappy. You'd think I'd be sleeping more than anyone else, but no, not happening, I am wide awake and have worked through the french novel which turned out to be really badly translated so people were saying things like, "Mieux vaut etre bien dans sa tete que mal dans ton cul." Which, you know, was probably supposed to be, judging by the situation, "I'm not having sex with you!" But turned into, you know, "I apologize, I can't accept your proposition of gay sex." And then I read the PDF format CERN publication, and if you move that jack, you'll win that game of solitare, by the way, and I should really just lean over and talk to you, but that takes all the adventure out of it, so hi, Cam! Can I have your pretzels? I ate mine, and it was clearly a deficient bag, as there were only five.
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[15 Oct 2004|09:04pm]
So I was packing, and I found this book, and I thought, well - it doesn't quite matter what I thought, but - I thought - and I talked to Mum - I mean, Claire, and she's okay with - and Avery said - um. Well. Really. Do you. I mean, would you like to, I mean, I know it's really short notice, but I - I mean. Fuck, this is not going well, I am really bad at this sort of thing, but would you like to, er, come with me? I mean, with us? I mean, tomorrow, to South Africa, I mean, if it's all right and if you want to and that's sort of stupid and it's probably - ...I give up. Would you like to come to South Africa with us tomorrow?
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[12 Oct 2004|07:33am]
I hate this. I hate the fact that the coffee is lukewarm and watered down. I hate the fact that I don't fit in this chair. I hate that Jack is curled up on three coats and a blanket in the corner, because who the hell should have to sleep in a corner? It's a corner. I hate that I don't actually know whether he's awake or asleep, and I hate that I'm leaning towards awake. I want him to not be functioning solely on the grounds of awful hospital coffee. I hate that it took me more than twenty-four hours to get up the nerve to go to my car and get the laptop so I could find the phone number of the house in India and call my mother. I hate that I had to call my mother, and I hate it even more that she understood, because she's my mother, she is supposed to be rational and intelligent and tell me that it'll be all right and to go home and that yes, I turned off the coffee pot. I hate that I can't actually remember whether or not I did that.

I hate these stupid hospital noises. I hate the fact that there has been someone screaming somewhere for twenty-three minutes and thirty-four seconds, and I wish it was me. I hate that if Jake continues to slip down, I am going to have to wake him up in an hour before he falls out of the chair, which I don't want to do. I hate this shirt. Why was I even wearing this shirt? I hate that I have nothing to do with my hands, because I think I am going to go clinically insane and have to be checked in to the psych ward. I hate that everything is so clean. I hate the color of Avery's skin, because it's wrong. I hate that this happened, I hate that I let this happen, I hate that people keep telling us that we couldn't have known. I hate that it's dark outside, but I can't even tell, I hate that the only magazines here are about parasailing and pregnancy. I hate that I haven't seen Cam. I hate that I'm thinking about Cam, because clearly, that's wrong of me, but I can't help it. I hate that I am worrying about a coffee pot to keep myself from worrying about Avery because if I worry about Avery, I am going to break. I hate that I know that if I think too much, I am going to have to go hide in the bathroom for a few hours because I don't cry in front of anyone but Avery. And I hate being this scared.
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[04 Oct 2004|07:27am]
Cam, you left a glove here, I found it this morning. It made having to get up at five-thirty in this weather to sort out taking in my work, getting it graded, and coming back before anyone was up somewhat better. Also, I am getting a stupidly high grade in physics, go on, make fun of me, except you can't because I am scribbling this out, as it's the sort of sappy you're not allowed to use until the sixth date, and I am not allowed to use, ever. Ignore the scribble, it involved physics. Anyway, clearly, since you are moving and unpacking and so on, you have probably lost nearly all the gloves in a box somewhere with the rice cooker lid and the tire jack and that book you've always wanted to read but never had the time for, and your hands are freezing. So, you know, you should come over and collect it this afternoon, as you might develop circulation problems if your hands get too cold too often.

Also, I miss you and cannot say that because it has been less than a day and I am profoundly screwed up blah blah blah proton electron string theory (ignore the scribble, more physics) I would say I miss your scarf, as well, because I do, but that is so Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones' Diary, and I refuse to emulate him, oh, damn it, um, LHC, antimatter, CERN -- apparently don't shut up about physics this early. Someday, you may wake up to mumbling about cold fusion while I make coffee, so I feel it is only fair to warn you now. I give up, it's too early, I clearly am utterly incapable of making brilliant excuses. Come over, won't you? Or we could get coffee. Or you could develop a sudden failing grade in math, and I could educate you. Or I could return your glove in person. Or - I told you it was too early. I am going to have more coffee before you actually realize that I am really quite bad at anything before eight in the morning, as opposed to suspecting it.
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